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How to Use

Did you lose your instructions? 



 LemonZest Facial Scrub

 With clean hands, damp your hands and apply the scrub began to move your hands in a circular motion and scrub away the dead skin. Let sit for 2/3 minutes. If you have a facial brush you can use that and then let sit for 2/3 minutes and then rinse clean. 


 Lip Scrub

 With clean hands apply your scrub to your lips scrub lips for 1/2 minutes and wipe with a washcloth.



Apply BUTTA directly to your skin -- don't use too much or your skin could get greasy. Rub it in gently, using firm, broad strokes, until the body butter is fully absorbed. Pay particular attention to your feet, hands, elbows and knees, regions that tend to get particularly dry or calloused.



Apply the serum to clean skin with 2-3 drops to your skin using your fingers. Rub your face in small circular motions as you apply the serum so that you stimulate circulation and spread the product as far as it will go.





 Split your hair into 4-6 sections (depending on the density of your hair) With each section, massage the ERL oil into your scalp from back to front. Use your fingers to massage the oil into your scalp first Repeat this everyday or alternating 1-2 days 


As a Deep Conditioner


 Wash your hair with a mild shampoo or just rinse with water if your hair is clean (It’s more effective to apply the mixture on clean hair and just rinse off with plenty water to prevent the shampoo from stripping off the already nourished hair. Apply a generous amount of product onto hair Cover and leave it in for 20-30 min Rinse clean 


 For Beards 

 The best time to apply is after a hot shower, Dry your beard completely before applying any oil. Put 3-5 drops of oil in your palms. Spread it evenly in your palms and fingers. Massage ERL into skin and throughly throughout beard Use a comb to evenly distribute the oil while setting the hairs back in place. Everyday for at least once a day until desired thickness. Expected results within 3-4 weeks!

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